Frequently asked questions

Q1. Do I need to pay if I register for a new account?

A. No, account registration is free. 

Q2. Is the MatchPro service for free?

A. While the main service is for free, in order to upload matches, you will have to purchase the AppStore iPhone and iPod app "MatchPro" for tennis. Additional services are available for purchase.

Storing, analyzing, sharing and otherwise managing matches is a free service. Please make sure you read the privacy policy first.  

Q3. I see some  payment methods on the home page, what are they for?

A. We offer match stats tracking services for users of Read more at  

Q4. Why should I register? What do I get in exchange?

A. By registering for a new account you can:

  • store all your personal tennis match stats in a single place*
  • share match statistical data with your team
  • share match strategies with you team in one place
  • receive match statistical data from your team
  • view and analyze your match statistics
  • search for match statistics you've previously recorded
  • make notes on previous matches and prepare for a match
  • many more features are in development right now, stay tuned 

* you need to purchase the "MatchPro" iPhone and iPod app to be able to record matches 

Q5. I forgot my password. What do I do?

A. Press the forgot password link on the home page and follow the instructions on screen. 

Q6. Why should I add friends? How does this work?

A. Anybody can be your tennis friend: your team colleagues, your coach, your parents maybe even your opponents.  Invite friends to and enhance your experience:

  • share match stats with friends
  • have your friends share match stats with you
  • or simply ask for feedback and send messages about your favourite performances 

Q7. What's the messaging section for ?

A. You can exchange messages with your MatchPro friends. For example, you can ask them for feedback about one of your performances in a match. That information is stored in your account. You can then review that information as you prepare for a new tournament. 

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